#Question of the Day: Are we becoming to sensitve to words?

The word of God tells us,

So why do we talk so harshly towards one another? We describe
each other as being "n*ggas", "ratchet", "thug", "ghetto" and even "b*tches"!

Now some have embrace these words as being postive and use them
as a sense of power. But others use them to demean and control people.

Have we become to sensitive to how we conversate?

It has been reported in the Huffington Post,
An anonymous racially charged letter to a black student is fanning the
flames of racial hatred on the campus of the UCLA School of Law.

According to The Huffington Post, the note was sent to Alexis Gardner, a
UCLA student. It read, “Stop being a sensitive nigger.”

There is even notice in professional sports that words
need to be regulated. With the NFL considering a rule that would penalize
use of the N-word during games, Miami Heat center Chris Bosh was asked
if he would support a similar ban in the NBA.

It’s a very tough situation,” Bosh told reporters after Wednesday’s practice in preparation for Thursday’s game against the New York Knicks. “If that’s the case, they should ban all slurs. And I know it’s a big deal, because I think that word is used too much, especially in the mainstream nowadays

Well these words are causing much controversy. Even Twitter is buzzing. What is your thoughts? Should we turn our heads to how people communicate their words, or should we be more sensitive to what we say?