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"Trayvon Martin's Death was God's plan"

John Polk Correctional Facility Mug Shot
George Zimmerman has ruffled a few feathers yet again after some statements
he recently made in divorce court.

In a 13-minute-long videotaped interview with his divorce attorney, Zimmerman lambasts President Barack Obama
and says killing the unarmed 17-year-old Black teenager was "God's plan."

Zimmerman has expressed that he is angry at how the president responded to the controversial case and
said he is now ready to speak honestly about his opinion on the matter now that the criminal investigation
by the Department of Justice has concluded.

"It's up to God and I put it all in his hands and I do have faith that whatever he has
planned out for me is what's best for me. So whatever he's determined whatever he has
planned out for me I am along for the ride and I just hope to be strong enough to see his will be done."
said Zimmerman

He also had a few choice words for President Obama as well. Check out
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#NewMusicMonday: Ava Davis - Rest My Soul

This week's featured artist hails from Los Angelos, CA.

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