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Darryll King is the host on two Crawford Broadcasting Stations,
WYCA REJOICE 102.3 FM and WSRB SOUL 106.3 FM. The King’s Highway Morning Show
is a four-hour power and praise packed music show with moments of ministry.
The show can be heard on WYCA REJOICE 102.3 FM Monday through Friday
from 6:00am to 10:00am and is one of the most listened-to morning drive
time shows in the Chicagoland area. Sunday Morning Glory is a six-hour live
remote broadcast heard on Soul 106.3 FM Every Sunday from 6am – 12pm
Darryll King and The Soul Patrol Broadcast Live From a different church every Sunday morning.
The shows feature and is hosted by Darryll King. She is one of the most respected
hosts across America as evidenced by her recent accomplishments of
receiving “The Gospel Announcer of the Year” honors from the National Stellar Awards
in 2004. She was also nominated for the Chicago Hip-Hop Announcer of the Year in 2004.
Darryll was also a recipient for the Sisters in the Spirit award in 2005. Darryll was the host
of Different Drummers on CBS Television Network for 2 and a half years and she hosts her
own television show on Chicago Cable Network Channel 25 entitled The Cutting Edge with
Darryll King since 1998. You may find Darryll hosting numerous events in and around the
Chicago land area. Darryll King is intelligent, hard working and energetic, but most of all, she loves the Lord. 
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Health News: 'SELFIES' Can Cause Mental Illness?

*The health information below is based on a study report that was
published in Psychology Today.

In an article for Psychology Today, doctor Pamela Rutledge says that taking selfies can be
detrimental to a person’s mental health and that indulging in them is indicative of narcissism,
low self esteem, attention seeking behavior and self-indulgence.

*We all take ‘em, and you only need to click on FaceBook to see just how popular taking
a selfie (you taking a photo of yourself) is. Let’s face it, we feel beautiful after a facial, new hair style,
successful work out, and we want to share it with the world.

Look at me! I feel gorgeous…

But now experts claim that the trend of taking pictures of yourself could cause narcissism,
addiction, mental illness and even suicide.Yes. This is the claim as suggested by expert opinions
surrounding the phenomenon. And one man diagnosed with body dysmorphic disorder says he grew
suicidal due to his selfie addiction.

Danny Bowman says he became so obsessed with trying to take the “right” selfie that he ended up
shooting about 200 pictures a day while trying desperately to capture the perfect image of himself.

When he failed to satisfy himself in this,  he attempted suicide by taking an overdose of drugs.
Bowman spent about ten hours every day taking selfies. Dr. David Veal, a physician involved in
caring for Bowman, says selfies can be attributed to mental illness, including body dysmorphic
disorder, which has “an extremely high suicide rate.”

Bowman’s  parents are both mental health professionals, and they say that society has a
“huge lack of understanding” about just how very dangerous electronic gadgets and social media
can be to teens and adults alike. Experts say that while gadgets and social media cause addiction
and other dangers, people are in extreme denial about the level of threat these types of
communications pose, especially to impressionable teens.

Bowman’s parents recall his obsession with taking selfies; the amount of time he spent in his
room taking them, his dramatic weight loss, and finally, the suicide attempt. And experts in
psychology as well as medical doctors say this problem is far more widespread than is
generally understood.

Most likely, the news that selfies might possibly cause a variety of troubling mental health
issues is not going to be met with much acceptance by a society obsessed with the self-reflective
nature of electronic gadgets. Some experts and physicians feel that society is collectively engaged
in deep denial about how dangerous it is to interact with screens without setting limits on how much
time is spent doing so.

Doctor Rutledge points out that while selfies raise the risk of narcissism, it may only be because
there is not yet a widespread, well-established context for their use. She says that taking selfies
may indeed be normal and natural, but because society has not yet collectively been able to
contextualize the place selfies are supposed to hold, they have been labeled as being narcissistic
and therefore can cause feelings of narcissism in those who take them.

However, it has been proven by multiple studies that interacting with other types of social media
is definitively linked to narcissism, depression, low self esteem, addiction and a host of other
negative effect. For example, Facebook use has been linked to depression while Twitter use
has been linked to low self esteem and narcissism.  If selfies, specifically, are proven in the
future to cause these negative mental health issues, it would most likely come as no surprise to
experts in the fields of psychology and medicine.

Is it possible that taking selfies causes mental illness, addiction, narcissism and suicide?
Many psychologists say yes, and warn parents to pay close attention to what kids are doing online
to avoid any future cases like what happened to Bowman. Thankfully, due to the diligence of his
parents, he is alive today, but had his parents not gotten him help for his addiction to selfies, he
may not have been as lucky.


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04/16/2014 7:56AM
Health News: 'SELFIES' Can Cause Mental Illness?
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