Darryll King

Darryll King is the host on two Crawford Broadcasting Stations,
WYCA REJOICE 102.3 FM and WSRB SOUL 106.3 FM. The King’s Highway Morning Show
is a four-hour power and praise packed music show with moments of ministry.
The show can be heard on WYCA REJOICE 102.3 FM Monday through Friday
from 6:00am to 10:00am and is one of the most listened-to morning drive
time shows in the Chicagoland area. Sunday Morning Glory is a six-hour live
remote broadcast heard on Soul 106.3 FM Every Sunday from 6am – 12pm
Darryll King and The Soul Patrol Broadcast Live From a different church every Sunday morning.
The shows feature and is hosted by Darryll King. She is one of the most respected
hosts across America as evidenced by her recent accomplishments of
receiving “The Gospel Announcer of the Year” honors from the National Stellar Awards
in 2004. She was also nominated for the Chicago Hip-Hop Announcer of the Year in 2004.
Darryll was also a recipient for the Sisters in the Spirit award in 2005. Darryll was the host
of Different Drummers on CBS Television Network for 2 and a half years and she hosts her
own television show on Chicago Cable Network Channel 25 entitled The Cutting Edge with
Darryll King since 1998. You may find Darryll hosting numerous events in and around the
Chicago land area. Darryll King is intelligent, hard working and energetic, but most of all, she loves the Lord. 
You can connect with Darryll King on Facebook! Become a fan:


BHM: BeBe & CeCe Inducted in Gospel Music Hall Of Fame

Congratulations are in order for the Winans brother and sister duo.

This year they will induct Bebe and Cece Winans. BeBe & CeCe Winans (Benjamin and Priscilla) are brother
and sister and were born in Detroit. They are also part of the gospel-singing Winans family that also includes
the Winans,their four brothers.

As a duo, BeBe & CeCe maintain the gospel message, although their records have the production
values and style of contemporary R&B.

This year's other Gospel Music Hall of Fame inductees include Mark Lowry, Roland Lundy and Twila Paris.

Both Cece and Bebe have also had successful solo careers.

Cece has won ten Grammy Awards and seven Stellar Awards. She has sold twelve million records worldwide.
Cece is also the best selling female gospel artist of all time. She is also Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown's only
daughter Bobbi Kristina's godmother. Bebe recently embarked on a project with his brothers 3WB.

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Black History Month: News Anchor Says Lady Gaga Sings ‘Jigaboo Music’

So apparently this FOX news anchor wasn't paying attention
in history class.

During the Academy Awards this past Sunday, singer Lady Gaga performed
a medley from "The Sound Of Music,"and it seems it impressed beauty queen-turned-news
anchor Kristi Capel of Cleveland's Fox 8, who had no idea the singer could deliver vocals in that style.

"It's hard to really hear her voice with all the jigaboo music that she does, or whatever you want
to call it. She has a gorgeous voice — I never knew!"

After Twitter went nuts, informing her that jigaboo is a racial slur for African-Americans,
she tweeted an apology, claiming not to have known that the word was even a word.

It's interesting that someone on her level, especially a journalist would not know this fact. But I guess when we have
search engines like 'GOOGLE' who define such a degrading term of jigaboo as a "black person"
it shows how miseducated they are.

Someone needs to send her a DVD of "School Daze."


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BHM: Black History Month Fact DAY 24

South Carolina State House And The Confederate Flag

Facts From Black America Web

South Carolina's State House building in Columbia is the seat of the
state's government, and also a site of controversy regarding the racist
past of the Confederate flag.

While the flag has since been removed from atop the State House dome,
it still flies on the building's grounds despite criticism from those who feel it should be removed.

The Confederate flag represents the racism of South Carolina
and the Deep South during the Civil War, which divided the U.S into two nations
the Confederate States of America that wanted slavery to remain the law of
the land and the Union of the Northern states who opposed it.

Even after the Confederacy conceded to the Union, many still held on to the
flag as a symbol of defiance.

more details check out Black America Web

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What are you giving up for lent? Tips to help

Easter will be here anytime soon which means its time to
prepare and honor Jesus this lenting season.

Some people Fast from food or television but after a few days
it gets difficult.

Our favorite blog Elev8 has a few tips to help you pray during Lent:

1. Fold Your Hands
Some ways you can tell someone is lying: his arm and leg movement will be limited, stiff,
and towards his own body; she avoids eye contact; he will touch his face, throat, and mouth a lot.
I learned at a young age the power of body language. I was a clumsy girl, so my mom enrolled me in
ballet classes, which I took for 14 years.
My instructors pulled back my shoulders every two minutes-so that I would project the confidence that I didn't feel.
"Let your body lead," they said. "And your mind will follow."
That is why I always fold my hands when I pray. I want my body to tell God that I'm talking to Him, even if my mind is off wandering elsewhere.

2. Say Thank You Gratitude, they say, is the highest form of prayer.
It's also the most difficult when I'm in a depressive cycle or feel a panic attack coming on.
During Lent, I try to pay special attention to all the small, wonderful things around me: that my kids
aren't using diapers anymore, that they don't have disabilities, that my husband works around the
corner and can come home for lunch. My mom and dad told my sisters and me that when someone
gives you a gift-no matter how small-you ALWAYS write a thank-you letter. It's the polite thing to do.
So, as I try to teach my kids the same lesson, I remind myself to say thank you to God, as well. That's just plain good manners.

3. Light a Candle
Even though there is no "Lenten wreath" like an Advent wreath, I light candles in the same manner
during Lent as I do in the days preceding Christmas. For some reason, I feel like God hears me better
if I stick my face near a hot, glowing body of flame. The scarlet blaze generates a feeling of hope, of fierce
tenacity, that whispers: "Hang in there."

4. Sing the Verses
I've been known to belt out the lyrics of "Be Not Afraid," and "On Eagles' Wings" in the shower.
And I do admit, I get chills every time I sing the "Our Father" or "Amazing Grace." In the church
bulletin recently, I read that "singing is praying twice." So if I sing a refrain three times, that's like
saying six prayers, right? Right?

5. Use Prayer Beads
You don't have to be Catholic or even Christian to handle prayer beads. In fact, Christians were probably the
last to use them, after Hindus, Buddhists, and Muslims. I postulate that counting prayers was implemented
out of practical necessity by all the major world religions to assist persons such as myself with
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. For me, it's simply an easy way I can keep track of my prayers,
because when I say a rosary without one-like when I run-I always lose count (wait, this is my fifth decade, no, fourth, oh man, I don't remember). The rosary for me is also like Prayer for Dummies. I don't have to compose any original prose to say it.
And the prayers are there in my memory from second grade. On the good days, I remember to think
holy thoughts (or at least consider the life of Jesus and Mary once) during the devotion. But most of the
time the mouth is automatically moving with the beads, without tons of energy or effort. And that's actually a wonderful feeling.

6. Yell Like Hell Catholic author Ronald Rolheiser is with me on this (sort of). He writes in
Forgotten Among the Lilies that wrestling with God is a form of prayer: "The refusal to accept the
harshness of God's ways in the name of his love is an authentic form of prayer. Indeed the prophets
and saints were not always in the habit of simply saying, 'Thy will be done.' They often fought, challenged,
squirmed and begged as a way of saying 'Thy will be changed!"Prayer from the heart originates when you
pray earnestly and vocally sometimes.
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#MiraclousMix with DJ MILES FRANKLIN 2-20-15

1) move in me - 3 Winan brothers
2)heaven - be be and cece Winan
3)I can't wait - Jamie Simons
4) livin - Clark sisters
5)do your will - Rance Allen
6)I praise you - Shari Addison
7)say yes - Michelle Williams
8)optimistic- bobby d ambrosio
9) higher - Ricky Dillard
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Chicago's Record Breaking Temps

ABC7 Local News
According to

Record-breaking cold temperatures are expected on Thursday, although
it will be a clear sunny day in the Chicago area.

Chicago tied the record low temperature of -7 at O'Hare Airport Thursday morning, which
was set on Feb. 19, 1936. The record cold high temperature of 9 degrees was also set in 1936.

ABC7 Meteorologist Tracy Butler forecasts a high temperature of 5 degrees, well below the
average 37 degrees.

A Wind Chill Advisory in in effect for the entire Chicago area until noon on Thursday.
Wind chills are expected to be between -15 and -30.
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1942: The Tuskegee Airmen the first African American Flying Unit in the U.S. Military
was initiated into the armed forces on this day.

The Tuskegee Airmen is the popular name of a group of African-American military
pilots who fought in World War II. Formally, they formed the 332nd Fighter Group and the 477th
Bombardment Group of the United States Army Air Forces
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Performance by Johnny Gill

Other performances include Jessica Love featuring Todd Dulaney

Doors open at 6pm/Showtime begins promptly at 6:30

Brought to you by:

Power92, Soul106.3, Rejoice102, and WYRB Power106.3

Tune in to The King's Highway Morning show daily for a chance to win tickets!

You can purchase tickets here: EVENTBRITE
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[NEW MUSIC] Jessica Love - I Draw Near

Hailing from Chicago,
Contemporary Gospel singer Jessica Love has a lot to give. Formally a
manager in the sports field, Love left the NBS to did what God called her to do;
change lives through ministry.

Check out her new song featuring another Chicago native, Todd Dulaney.

Download her song "I Draw Near" on iTunes

Offical Website: Jessica Love
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Preachers of Detroit Premieres Feb 20 [VIDEO]

After a successful round of seasons from Preachers of L.A, Oxygen has created a spin off in a new city: Detroit.

According to Oxygen, Preachers of Detroit" showcases the unique perspective of seven men and women of God
in their places of faith as well as throughout their lives outside of the church. From the challenges of being a
woman bishop in a field that is dominated by men to keeping faith alive in a city that has faced tremendous hardship,
these pastors are strong and resilient individuals who are not afraid to push boundaries in their communities

Preachers Of Detroit, premiering Friday, Feb. 20 at 10/9c

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BHM: USPS Honors Architect Robert Robinson Taylor With Stamp


Since 1940, the United States Postal Service has paid homage to the countless achievements
made by African-American men and women through stamps that immortalize those individuals
who had an impact on this country's history.

Now Robert Robinson Taylor (pictured), the first academically trained black architect
in the U.S. and, coincidentally, the great-grandfather of Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to
President Barack Obama, will be honored on USPS' 38th Black Heritage stamp
to be issued February 12.

Read more about Robert Taylor on NEWSONE


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Officials trying to ruin Jackie Robinson West Legacy [VIDEO]

Why is it that "AMERICA" likes to ruin black history? It seems that black Americans can't do ANYTHING;
win any awards, invent anything without some type of controversy! These young boys did something amazing
in history and the media is trying to destroy these boys legacy and history over a residency issue??

Officials from the Little League International met Tuesday to discuss an investigation into Chicago's
championship Little League Team Jackie Robinson West after allegations the team violated rules
by adding top suburban players.

Check out the video below

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NewMusic: Pastor Charles Jenkins - WAR [VIDEO]

The new song WAR has reached #6 on Billboard's Gospel Airplay chart.
Check out the new video

The song anchors Jenkins' sophomore album "Any Given Sunday" (Inspired People/ Motown Gospel)
that releases March 17th with guest appearances from Rev. Clay Evans (founder of Fellowship Chicago),
John P. Kee, Beverly Crawford, Byron Cage, Jonathan McReynolds, Sean Hodo, Kevin Vasser, Tanesha Jefferson
and the new Inspired People recording artist Donishisa Ballard.
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Gospel’s Grammy Winners Shine

Best Gospel Performance/Song

  • Help-Erica Campbell Featuring Lecrae-
  • Sunday A.M. [Live]- Karen Clark Sheard
  • I Believe-Mali Music
  • No Greater Love- Smokie Norful [WINNER]
  • Love On The Radio- The Walls Group

Best Gospel Album

  • Help- Erica Campbell [WINNER]
  • Amazing [Live]-Ricky Dillard & New G
  • Withholding Nothing [Live]-William McDowell
  • Vintage Worship-Anita Wilson

Best Roots Gospel Album

  • Forever Changed-T. Graham Brown
  • Shine For All The People-Mike Farris [WINNER]
  • Hymns- Gaither Vocal Band
  • A Cappella- The Martins
  • His Way Of Loving Me-Tim Menzies
CONGRATULATIONS to all of the winners
For the FULL 57th Annual Grammy list of winners, check here

Also a few read carpet and part looks

Anita Wilson

Smokie Norful

Mali Music and Lecrae at Pre Grammy event

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#MiraclousMix with DJ MILES FRANKLIN 2-9-15

1) A Lil Louder. Rance Allen
2) LOUD Fred Hammond
3) Get Up. Mary Mary
4) Everything Tye Tribbet
5) Say Yes Michelle Williams
6) Awesome Charles Jenkins
7) Perfect People Walls Group
8) Amazing Canton Jones
9) Looking for You Kirk Franklin
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#HealthTips: 8 Ways To Protect Your Eyes

(Tips as published by ELEV8)
Taking care of your eyes also may benefit your overall health. People with vision problems are more likely than those with good vision to have diabetes, poor hearing, heart problems, high blood pressure, lower back pain and stroke, as well as have increased risk for falls, injury and depression. Among people age 65 and older, 54.2% of those who are blind and 41.7% of those with impaired vision say their overall health is fair or poor. Just 21.5% of older Americans without vision problems reported fair to poor health

The best option is to keep your eyes as healthy as possible throughout your lifetime is by being sure to do the following:

  • Get a dilated eye exam.
  • Know your family's eye health history.
  • Eat right to protect your sight—in particular, eat plenty of dark leafy greens such as spinach, kale, or collard greens, and fish that is high in omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Maintain a healthy weight.
  • Wear protective eyewear when playing sports or doing activities around the home.
  • Quit smoking or never start.
  • Wear sunglasses that block 99%-100% of UVA and UVB radiation.
  • Clean your hands and your contact lenses properly to avoid the risk of infection.
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Antioch teens raising money to help orphans in Ethiopia

A Bay Area teenager donated her sweet 16 birthday money to help orphans in Ethiopia
after witnessing extreme poverty during a trip to the country.
Wilson says it feels good to help, but that she has to work harder now to raise more money.
She's hoping to raise $10,000 and her family is getting involved by letting her auction off some of their
Ethiopian art work and artifacts next month.

If you would like to donate, click HERE

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Black History Month FACTS DAY 4: 1st Black Baseball League

Black America Web
The First Negro Baseball League
1886: The First Negro Baseball League 'Southern League of Colored Base Ballists' was
founded February 3RD

In March of that year a number of newspapers in major southern cities carried the following
brief item in their sporting news columns:

"A call has been issued for the captains of all colored base ball clubs of Georgia, Florida, South Carolina,
Alabama and Tennessee that have a fair record and desire to enter the Southern League of Colored Base
Ballists to send name and address at once to The Manager, lock box 298, Jacksonville, Florida."

The Charleston (S.C.) News & Courier reported April 8 that it had received a circular outlining the basic
plan for the league, which was being organized with a "board of twelve directors representing a capital of nearly
$100,000." Opening games were scheduled for May 10 in Memphis, Atlanta, Charleston, Savannah,
Montgomery, and Jacksonville However the league did not get its season launched May 10 as planned.

On May 22 a meeting was held in Jacksonville to draw up a schedule and finalize plans for the 1886 season.
The result was a season scheduled to open June 7 and close August 25.

The following clubs were listed as members of the league:
  1. Eclipse of Memphis,
  2. Georgia Champions of Atlanta,
  3. Broads of Savannah,
  4. Eurekas of Memphis,
  5. Lafayettes of Savannah,
  6. Fultons of Charleston,
  7. Athletics of Jacksonville,
  8. Unions of New Orleans,
  9. Florida Clippers of Jacksonville
  10. Macedonias of Jacksonville.
SOURCE: SABR Research Journal Archives
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Patriots Rookie had a 'Vision' before interception [VIDEO]

If you watched the Super Bowl the past Sunday you know how
TIGHT the game was. With only 30 seconds left on the clock,
and Patriots leading the score, any wrong move could break either team.

That was until Seattle Seahawks' quarterback Russell Wilson threw a pass most fans
still are confused about and Patriots rookie Malcom Butler blocked with an interception.

See what he had to say about the 'miracle' play:

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Health Coverage Deadline Approaching, Apply Now!

  • The Affordable Care Act's open enrollment period ending in just under two weeks
February 15 to be exact.
  • This is the second open enrollment under the act, with enrollment having been open
since mid-November. By the end of the open enrollment last year, over 15 million Americans who didn't
have health insurance before the law came into force were able to get insurance!
  • Overall the uninsured rate dropped from 18% to under 14%. That is a big improvement,
but it means there are still more than 30 million Americans that are not covered!

For more information on coverage and how to apply
visit: www.healthcare.gov/

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Bryan Wilson Debuts on Billboard Top 20!
#HeadlineNews: Facebook Wins Again In Crime Incident
Season Two of Preachers of L.A. Date Revealed!
#HeadlinesNews: 14-year-old risks life to save disabled man, dog in fire
#CommunityNews: A Hart for the Hood; Kevin to donate $50,000 to TSU?!
#EntertainmentNews: Angela Winbush a Minister?
#HealthNews: Step Up and Get TESTED!
#QOD: Have Women Become Thirsy for a Mate or are Mates scarce??
Kierra Sheard Rides on the King's Highway to discuss her new gigs!
#EntertainmentNews: Kierra Sheard Releases a Hoisery Line!
#EntertainmentNews: Drama Stirs While 'The Braxtons' Record a Gospel Album?
BET Sunday's Best Tyler Litter Rides on the King's Highway
#NewMusic: Michelle Williams 'Say Yes' (OFFICIAL VIDEO)
Chanel Haynes Live on the King's Highway
Ethan Kent Talks Crossing Over and More on KHMS
#EntertainmentNews: 'Our Children get Ill too'; Boris Kodjoe Opens Up About Chil
Bobby Jones Counsels Tamela Mann Cartoon, Jones Responds
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