Darryll King

Darryll King is the host on two Crawford Broadcasting Stations,
WYCA REJOICE 102.3 FM and WSRB SOUL 106.3 FM. The King’s Highway Morning Show
is a four-hour power and praise packed music show with moments of ministry.
The show can be heard on WYCA REJOICE 102.3 FM Monday through Friday
from 6:00am to 10:00am and is one of the most listened-to morning drive
time shows in the Chicagoland area. Sunday Morning Glory is a six-hour live
remote broadcast heard on Soul 106.3 FM Every Sunday from 6am – 12pm
Darryll King and The Soul Patrol Broadcast Live From a different church every Sunday morning.
The shows feature and is hosted by Darryll King. She is one of the most respected
hosts across America as evidenced by her recent accomplishments of
receiving “The Gospel Announcer of the Year” honors from the National Stellar Awards
in 2004. She was also nominated for the Chicago Hip-Hop Announcer of the Year in 2004.
Darryll was also a recipient for the Sisters in the Spirit award in 2005. Darryll was the host
of Different Drummers on CBS Television Network for 2 and a half years and she hosts her
own television show on Chicago Cable Network Channel 25 entitled The Cutting Edge with
Darryll King since 1998. You may find Darryll hosting numerous events in and around the
Chicago land area. Darryll King is intelligent, hard working and energetic, but most of all, she loves the Lord. 
You can connect with Darryll King on Facebook! Become a fan:

Posts from February 2014

HighwayRecap: MaryMary Season 3 Premiere
Did you miss the WeTv premiere last night? Here's a second look.

Tune in to the show weekly on WeTv at 9pm central
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#Question of the Day: Are we becoming to sensitve to words?
The word of God tells us,

So why do we talk so harshly towards one another? We describe
each other as being "n*ggas", "ratchet", "thug", "ghetto" and even "b*tches"!

Now some have embrace these words as being postive and use them
as a sense of power. But others use them to demean and control people.

Have we become to sensitive to how we conversate?

It has been reported in the Huffington Post,
An anonymous racially charged letter to a black student is fanning the
flames of racial hatred on the campus of the UCLA School of Law.

According to The Huffington Post, the note was sent to Alexis Gardner, a
UCLA student. It read, “Stop being a sensitive nigger.”

There is even notice in professional sports that words
need to be regulated. With the NFL considering a rule that would penalize
use of the N-word during games, Miami Heat center Chris Bosh was asked
if he would support a similar ban in the NBA.

It’s a very tough situation,” Bosh told reporters after Wednesday’s practice in preparation for Thursday’s game against the New York Knicks. “If that’s the case, they should ban all slurs. And I know it’s a big deal, because I think that word is used too much, especially in the mainstream nowadays

Well these words are causing much controversy. Even Twitter is buzzing. What is your thoughts? Should we turn our heads to how people communicate their words, or should we be more sensitive to what we say?
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Video Premiere: James Sutton / Janet Sutton & The Voices of Acme -I Got An Angel
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#Question of Day: Should Blacks have a seperate court system?
According to a report on Eurweb.com,
*Minister Louis Farrakhan has seen enough of the U.S. legal system in light of the
acquittals of George Zimmerman and Michael Dunn.

So much so that he’s calling for black Americans to create and establish their
own court system based on the Bible and Quran. In Farrakhan’s eyes, the current
legal system is one that practices racial bias.

What are your thoughts? Wouldn't this be prejudice?
This leaves room for bias. However many view the United States Judiscial System
as being created strictly for "white america" to begin with.
According to Farrakhan,

“We want equal justice under the law,” the Nation of Islam leader said Sunday as

he addressed a crowd of 18,000 people at the Joe Louis Arena during the group’s
annual convention. “Our people can’t take much more. We have to have our own courts.”

Farrakhan’s comments come a week after Dunn was acquitted in the fatal shooting
of Jordan Davis. The jury in Florida man’s trial ultimately convicted him of attempted
murder for shooting at a car full of black teens over a dispute involving loud music.

Like Dunn, Zimmerman was acquitted in his case. The former neighborhood watchmen
generated headlines when he was acquitted last year for shooting Trayvon Martin.

The outcome of the tragedies is one of many that caused Farrakhan to ask the
convention crowd, “Has America been just to us?”

Rawstory.com reports the audience agreed with the outspoken leader ‘s opinion
that the nation had not. “If we retaliate, you can bring out your soldiers. We got
some, too,” Farrakhan said.

In addition to blasting the legal system, Farrakhan took aim at American Muslims
serving in the U.S. armed forces in the Middle East, saying they were “slaughtering
[their] own people for America” and “the European infidel.”

Long-standing claims of Farrakhan being ant-Semitic were also touched on during
the NOI leader’s speech as he denied the accusations.

“Did Jesus have a problem with the Jews of his day? He’s not a hater. Neither
am I,” Farrakhan stated as he claimed that “Satan is in control of Hollywood,”
TV, media and money, fields that frequently feature Jewish people in positions
of power. “I don’t hate Jewish people … what I hate is evil.”

To see Farrakhan’s speech, as posted online by The Final Call, click on the video below:

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#ThankfulThursday: Actress Lupita Nyong’o

Ever since her appearance in 12 Years a Slave, Lupita Nyong’o
has stolen the spotlight and warmed our hearts.

But she is not taking her time in the spotlight lightly.
In every interview, from style to her words she holds 
such poise and elegance.

But who is this beautiful lady? In a recent cover story for this week’s 
Entertainment Weekly, the Oscar nominee says she hopes her
success will inspire young girls.

I feel very fortunate to be in this position, and I know that it means more to people because I am an African and I am dark-skinned,” she says. In many ways me being on the scene is doing for little girls everywhere what Oprah Winfrey and Whoopi Goldberg did for me.My world exploded by them being on screen. Hopefully I will inspire and be meaningful to other people.

Entertainment Weekly's cover feature of Nyong'o and Blanchett hits newsstands tomorrow, Feb. 21.
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Special Guest: Anita Wilson
Today, songstress Anita Wilson joined us
on the show to discuss her latest endeavours,
tour, and recent award nominations.

~With her debut project, Ms. Anita Wilson joins the rich musical heritage known
as the Chicago sound, while simultaneously heralding a new style in today’s
gospel music---Worship Soul. A worship leader and featured vocalist in the
award-winning ensemble Donald Lawrence & Company, she boldly takes
the solo stage with an album that is at once fiery and soulful, dynamic and meditative.
In less that one year of being released, Worship Soul received notable accolades
including being GRAMMY ® Nominated for Best Gospel Album (2013), 3 Stellar Award
Nominations for Urban Contemporary Single Performance, Praise and Worship CD of the
Year and Contemporary Female of the Year. As well it was recognized by The New York
Times' Ben Ratliff as one of 2012's Top Ten Albums.

From the high-church energy of “It’s Done,” and “He Shows Out,” to the passionate
reflection of “Speechless” and “Perfect Love Song,” the striking, 11-song collection
is evidence not merely of a great new talent, but of a seasoned minister. Worship
beckons the listener to worship with ease, to enjoy a new revelation of God’s
presence. Anita co-produced the album with acclaimed songwriter/producer Rick Robinson.
Together they developed the material and recorded it live in Chicago at Fellowship
Missionary Baptist Church, the Southside church founded by Rev. Clay Evans.

Without question, the album’s crowning achievement is the mesmerizing ballad
Speechless” (featured on WOW Gospel 2012: 30 of 2011's most popular gospel songs).
Written by Robinson, the thoughtful lyrics hold special meaning for Anita:
“So many scriptures speak of being in awe of God. He loves us so patiently,
knowing that we are a works in progress. Every time I minister that song, I
find myself looking up in the air and singing it to God as if He was right there.”
Powerful and moving from beginning to end, Ms. Anita Wilson’s debut collection
is refreshing and authentic. Worship Soul is a richly painted portrait of a truly
inspired artist, a deeply committed worshipper.

Her second album Vintage Soul is scheduled to release June of 2014.

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#Question Of The Day: Why are we in love with homewrecking tv shows???
Is it just me or does it seem like more and more television shows are
portraying unstable relationships such as the women who 
knowingly sleep with married men.
With popular tv shows like Scandal or Being Mary Jane, why is it that
we are making it "okay" to cheat if you are married??
When has adultery ever been acceptable?
There use to be a time when these type of men or women were shunned upon.
Now we're praising them?? what's really going on?

Statistics has proven thar realtionships favor men due to about
41,500,000 of the adult women in the United States are married.
But 21,327,000 others are women without men:
women who have never married (11,822,000); widows (8,047,000) and divorcees (1,458,000).
But does that make it ok to share a man if the wife didn't agree?

Let's use for example the new show from BET, Being Mary Jane.
According to BET.COM,

From the producers of the award-winning, record-breaking
BET comedy The Game and No. 1 box-office romantic comedy
Jumping the Broom comes the all new original series, Being
Mary Jane starring the gorgeous and talented Gabrielle Union.
This is a story to which millions of modern women will both
relate and respond. Mary Jane Paul is a one-woman show: a successful
TV news anchor and an entirely self-sufficient powerhouse who
remains devoted to a family that doesn’t share her motivation.
Intense drama and unforgettable moments unfold as Mary Jane
juggles her life, her relationships, her work and commitments to her family.

Being Mary Jane stars Gabrielle Union, Omari Hardwick and Lisa Vidal. The show creators, Mara Brock Akil and Salim Akil now!

This show gives women who are involved in this type of behavior false
hope. Women's Daily magazine even stated that married men are usually
still in love with their wives when they get involved in an affair.
Typically the affair occurs because of the freedom of no responsibility.

Are we trying to say adultery is acceptable? What are we telling are kids about relationships? Marriage?

Check out last night's recap
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#Question of the Day: What is your boundaries in marriage?

In late of last night's first episode of VH1's Basketball Wives Season 3,
new cast member British Williams discussed how she gives her man a pass to cheat!
Williams, who is engaged to oversees basketball superstar, Lorenzo Gordon, is establishing
herself in LA as a businesswoman and a future basketball wife.
In last nights episode starting around 8:30 mark,

Williams and season vet Jackie Christie were engaged in
a conversation about relationships, marriage
and cheating in the basketball world. Williams then proceeds to say that
"as long as she doesn't know, she doesn't care what her man does".

What?? Why is this ok? The bible tells us in Proverbs 18:22,

He who finds a wife finds a good thing,
And obtains favor from the Lord.

What are your thoughts on this new age of couples? Do you think people
are forgetting the word of God and just making up their own rules??
What are your boundaries in your marriage?
What will you accept or not accept?

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Friendly ways to show love this Valentine's Day

Blinking Hearts

1. Inspire people by sharing the song, “REAL LOVE”

3. Gather professional attire to donate to your nearest ‘Dress for Success.’ (Clothe those who need Re-entry into the workforce)

4. Give clean water to a community through funding REAL LOVE wells being built. Www.charitywater.com

5. Help educate and empower others in need by donating to WorldVision.org

6. Send Cards to loved ones who live away from you.

7. Cook a meal together with your family.

8. Pay for coffee for the person behind you.

9. Go to www.givelife.org and click on the Donate Blood Now icon at the top of the screen to find a place to donate blood in your neighborhood.

10. Purchase shoes from TOMS
(Each purchase provides shoes for a person in need)

11. Start a change jar and let your child pick a cause your family can support.

12. Donate Bibles or Educational Books to prisons in the area.

13. Serve food at your local soup kitchen.

14. Purchase loved ones gifts from FEED www.feedprojects.com
(As a result, Hungry children are fed.)

15. Donate a small amount throughwww.kiva.com and help someone start a business in an impoverished area.

16. Take furniture/children’s items to your local Salvation Army.

17. Take a meal to your neighbor’s home.18. Volunteer to read at your local center for Blind individuals.19. Write thank you notes to people who serve you: a teacher, the garbage man, local fire fighters.http://momitforward.com

20. For $28 a month, sponsor a needy child overseas through Christian development agency Compassion International (www.compassion.com).

21. Laundry Love.(Take and donate quarters to families in need within local laundromats)

22. Find a charity in your local community and volunteer.

23. Volunteer at your local hospital

24. Take a hot meal or donate a small gift to get a homeless person to a shelter for the night.

25. Adopt a senior citizen you know and find ways to honor them.

26. Send a meaningful text or note of gratitude to family, friends, or co-workers.

27. Be there for someone who needs support right now.

28. Apologize or Forgive and make things right.

29. Go to work on that thing that thing that drives those around you crazy! (Work on a better you)

30. Tweet/Post/Instagram something inspiring to lift up your followers.


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#ThankfulThursday: Warrick Dunn and Betty's Hope Charity
When God blesses you it is meant to show his wonderous works. 
Former pro-football player Warrick Dunn
(pictured far right) brought excitement to the NFL as a running back for
the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Atlanta Falcons. Although considered
undersized for his position, Dunn was selected for three Pro Bowls and
was the AP Offensive Rookie of the Year in 1997 before retiring in 2008.

Continuing to work in service and furthering honoring the memory of
his mother, Dunn launched Betty’s Hope in 2012. The program helps
children who have lost a parent deal with the grief and depression similar
to what Dunn grappled with as a teenager when he and his five siblings
lost their mother to violent crime. Betty’s Hope services are free of charge
and include counseling, parent/caregiver support and training among other offerings.

Dunn published an autobiography, “Running for My Life,” in 2008.
The book detailed the struggles he faced in losing his mother at a young age,
and how he combated depression.

Dunn also recently completed his graduate studies,
obtaining his MBA from Emory University last year.

For more information and to support Warrick Dunn
charaties click here.

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RIP: Pastor Charles G Hayes
The King's Highway would like
to give our condolence to the family
and church members of Pastor Charles G Hayes.

Pastor Charles George Hayes, the third child and second son of Mamie Lee
and Will Hayes, was born December 10, 1937, in Verbena, Alabama. He
received his primary education at Siluria Jr. High School (Alabama) and
his secondary education at Prentice High School (Montevallo, Alabama).
He migrated to Chicago, Illinois in 1955 and became a Church Musician.
Pastor Hayes was ordained in the Ministry on August 31, 1957. He
organized Cosmopolitan Church of Prayer on April 28, 1959. Pastor
Hayes was under the leadership of many great pioneers such as
Prophet L. K. Johnson, Pastor Clarence Cobbs, Bishop Louis Boddie,
Bishop Anderson, Pastor Franklin, and others. Father of two, and grandfather,
Pastor Hayes became affectionately known as "Father Hayes" because of his
paternal qualities, his compassion, his concern for, and interest in people. Dr.
Hayes received his Doctorate Degree from Religious Science Institute in
December 1973 and received an Honorary Doctorate of Human Letters from St. Martins College and Seminary, September, 1974.
Dr. Hayes was currently one of the longest serving Pastor of one church in Chicago
for going on 55 years come April 2014. Cosmopolitan Church of Prayer has been
listed as a landmark church in the Chicago Area. Dr. Hayes was very passionate
with is ministry, not compromising with the devil and is known for speaking the truth
- declaring the word of God. He was very involved with every aspect of the church
for he put his all into this ministry. He was rooted and grounded in "traditional"
gospel and you could catch him singing, preaching, teaching and praying on any
given Sunday , adding his humorous touch but still telling it like it is. Dr. Hayes
was known for 'Making A Joyful Noise", leading such hits as He's Keeping Me,
I'll Never Forget, I Know The Lord Laid His Hands On Me, Before I Take It Back,
Everything's Alright, How I Got Over, My Lord and Master, and many, many more.

We know you are in glory and in a higher place in God. We love you Pastor Hayes.
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Video Premiere: Charles Jenkins & Fellowship Chicago - 'Real Love'

Pastor Charles Jekins and Fellowship Chicago is giving us 'Real Love'
just in time for Valentine's Day.

The Stellar Award and Grammy award winning pastor
has been working hard these past years with the release
of the first album Best of Both Worlds.

Now the legendary Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church
is back again and gearing up for their next recording on
Friday Feburary 28th in Chicago.

The next album is expected to be released this Fall.
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Happy Birthday Brandy! - Kim Burell sings Happy Birthday

This past Tuesday, Brandy rang in her 35th birthday with her family and friends.
But it all came to an emotional standstill when gospel singer Kim Burrell got
on the mic and started singing. Brandy clutched her pearls and began to cry
as Kim brought everybody to church with a beautiful song.

Afterward, Tyrese, who helped host the event, posted on his Instagram:

That moment when Kim Burrell walks out to surprise Brandy
for her 35th birthday!!! @4everbrandy you are grace, you are
an angel, you are a sincere soul I love you and adore you forever
happy birthday…. Shout to Ray-J and Ryan for helping to pull
off the impossible….. Kim Burrell you are the Steve Jobs of innovative
vocals there is literally no one who can compare and you’re so humble
it’s unreal.. Thank you for letting me host you at my home and
I’m glad you liked my food… Lol…. Amazing #35th birthday night….
Truly.!! Happy Birthday @4everbrandy we love you!!!

Check out the full video below:

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#Question Of The Day: Natural v Weave - What are women obsessed with their hair?
The hair battle between hair weave, permanent straight hair and the
natural curls is not a new debate. Recently, there has been a noticable
increase of women choosing to go "natural" meaning no chemicals
or added hair pieces to their hair.

It was reported by  consumer trends firm Mintel
Two years ago, MN reported that relaxer kit sales dropped 17 percent between 2006 and 2011. New information from Mintel, a consumer trends firm, finds that relaxer sales has, again, taken a nosedive. In 2008, relaxer kit corporations reeled in a $206 million profit. In 2011, their revenue dwindled down to $179 million — a 15 percent decrease. This year, Mintel expects profits to plunge down to $152 million. - See more at: http://madamenoire.com/319957/afro-hurting-businesses-relaxer-sales-plummeting/#sthash.gItOQB7S.dpuf

Two years ago, MN reported that relaxer kit sales dropped 17 percent between 2006 and 2011. New information from Mintel, a consumer trends firm, finds that relaxer sales has, again, taken a nosedive. In 2008, relaxer kit corporations reeled in a $206 million profit. In 2011, their revenue dwindled down to $179 million — a 15 percent decrease. This year, Mintel expects profits to plunge down to $152 million.

When it comes to personal style any person, man or woman,
should have the right to do whatever makes them confident.

However it can be quite difficult to smile with grace in your style
if you are constantly criticized for it even fired!

Take for example the recent criticism of sports news reporter
Pam Oliver during her Super Bowl coverage. Numerous tweets,
instagram memes and Facebook post taunted her about
how badly her hairstyle was.

Someone even made a parody account
just for her wig! No one acknowleged that this woman
is reporting sports stats and not fashion and is great at her career.

Also what about meteoroligist Rhonda Lee who was recently
fired from KTBS 3 News, an ABC affiliate in Shreveport, La.
After comments she made on Facebook responding to
viewers of the news station about her hair,
the company fired her claiming "she was fired for violating its social media policy".

It has been proven that your do not have to have weave to have long hair.

The real life Rapunzel Asha Mandela, a resident of Atlanta became famous for
holding the record as having the longest stand of locs at 55 feat long!

So whether naturally or enhanced by weave a woman's confidence
should be because of what's God is doing on the inside not the outside.
Why is it so much pressure in the world for women, especially
African American women to have longer or staighter hair?
Give us your thoughts.

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Video Premiere: Eric Campbell - 'HELP'
Erica Campbell of MaryMary just released the official videofor her second solo single 'Help'.
The album 'Help' is now is now available for pre-order and releases March 25
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NEW MUSIC: Deitrick Haddon & LXW

Deitrick Haddon’s LXW (League of Xtraordinary Worshippers)
has released the official video for their new single Great God and
it's sure to be your new favorite song.
Their album will be available in stores and online
April 22nd on Tyscot Music & Entertainment.
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