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#GiftsThatKeepGiving: Barber gives homeless FREE haircuts

photo via Mark Bustos
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Christmas shouldn't be the only season we give back as believers. Titheing is more than
giving money. It's about giving your back your time and talents as well.

Well every Sunday that is exactly what New York barber Mark Bustos
does every Sunday. His only off day during the week, Bustos drives around
he city to found people and need and ask "can I do something for you?"

Bustos even records his journey via his Instagram account

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#MiraclousMix with DJ MILES FRANKLIN 12-24-14

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#MiraclousMix with DJ MILES FRANKLIN 12-15-14

1) Go Get It - Mary Mary
2) The Gift - Donald Lawrence
3) Alright OK - J Moss
4) Friend of Mine - DeWayne Woods
5) Jesus is Lord - Kevin Vasser
6) don't pass me by - dietrick Haddon
7) I've got Favor - New Direction
8)amazing - Ricky Dillard

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#MiraclousMix with DJ MILES FRANKLIN 12-19-14

1) Testimony- Rev Clay Evans
2) #war - Charles Jenkins
3) I can't wait - jamie Simond
4)stomp - kirk Franklin
5)god is good - Dietrick Haddon
6)livin- Clark sisters
7)move in me - 3 Winans Bro
8) do your will - Rance allen

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St. Louis police group demands punishment for Rams players in Ferguson protest

A St. Louis police officers' group called on the NFL to punish five Rams
players who stood with their hands raised before trotting onto the field for pregame introductions Sunday.
What do you think?
Should the players be fined, punished or suspended for protesting?

The NFL supports causes like Breast Cancer or Domestic Violence so why is
it wrong for the players to protest such an important issue?

Some of the comments people have given have been very said.
When can we live in a world without race and injustice?

Here were a few comments from readers:
Debbie Todd
I was very offended by what the players did today. They should be ashamed. When they are in their uniforms they represent the Rams. What they did today only added fuel to a burning fire. People would have been outraged if our law enforcement officers had shown up with signs saying I am Darren Wilson or anything else. So what makes it right for these players to do what they did today? They should be fined.
Dana Eschmann · Office Administrator at MTM, Inc.
I am only disappointed in the thugs thugs that are looting, burning businesses and effecting the jobs of good people! I am impressed with our local police and the national guard! God bless these men and women!

Dennis Childers · Southwestern Illinois College

See, this is where it's all wrong. This is not about race. . It's about the cop doing his job. If Darren was white, and did the same thing.. the cop had a job to do. The white guy would have got shot too. Why does everything have to turn into a racial thing.

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